Yii Chat Extension

Does anyone give me an idea of adding chat in my yii application? I have seen some of the extensions but they were not nice. Is there any other third party extension? Any help would be highly appreciated.

I’ve built my nfy module that provides a queue component. Lately I pushed a basic controller for an interface to send/receive messages. Check it out.

If you’d describe in more detail what are you looking for maybe it could be implemented using my module. I’m interested in extending it to provide a general chat, messaging and notifications.

I need some basic support chat in my application. some thing similar to what banckle.com has implemented.

User can contact with support through chat and on server side Agent can reply.

hi, you can try https://github.com/oncesk/yii-node-socket/tree/0.1

but you need dedicated or vps server for nodejs

i am new and trying to install extension chat but pressing doesn’t send message anyone have anything to help out