Yii Charset - Utf8

Hi , i have a issue with charsets in yii.Please help me

I have a function to send sms via sms-gateway - send_sms($sms_number,$sms_content)

if i use chirillic chars like "Автозавод" , i receive sms like this "Автозавод" …

This issue is only in yii, becouse if i send sms directly from php script, the issue dispears.

Please help, thanks.

You’re always free to use the iconv extension in order to convert UTF-8 to KOI-8 or that other encoding containing all the cyrillic letters that I’ll surely remember as soon as I am sober again :)

Oookay, further study brought me to this. It seems PHP provides no native way of converting strings into GSM-encoded content.