Yii Cgridview Input Text And Select Filter Is Disabled

I am using the cgridview to show my data. But I cannot type into the input text field and cannot select from the select/dropdown, these are the filter options on the cgridview. By the way, the data is from a view, not a from a regular table. I also tried on my other cgridview that uses a model from a table, but still it is not working. I cannot select or type into the filter fields.

Below are codes on my controller,

$request = new Request;




$this->render('index', array(

            'request' => $request,


Below are the safe fields on the model,

array('request_id, facility_id, client_id, status, description, submitted_by, submitted, acknowledge, req_type', 'safe')

Below are the codes on the model search method

function setRequests(){

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;

$criteria->compare('req_type',$this->req_type, true);

$criteria->compare('description', $this->description, true);

$criteria->compare('status', $this->status, true);

return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(

         'criteria' => $criteria,




Below are the codes on the view file.

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(








                        'value'=>'CHtml::link($data->req_type, array($data->url));',


                        'filter' => CHtml::dropDownList('Request[req_type]',



                            'Notice' => 'Notice',

                            'FAR' => 'FAR', 

                            'PC' => 'PC',



                        array('empty' => '(Select)'))










Are there some things I miss?


Its better to explain your problem with screenshot. Please take screenshot your current output. Its helps to visualize ur problem.


chandran nepolean