Yii cgridview ajaxUpdate property

I have one cgridview inside another cgridview:

the outer one is:

$this->widget('application.modules.user.components.CsvGridView', array(


    'filter' => $model,



the inner one is:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(



   // 'pager'=>false,

   // 'enableSorting'=>false,







                        'name' => 'vac_type',

                        'value' =>





The problem is that the inner one does not update properly (of course update with ajax).

when I click on "next" for example, in the inner cgridview, the requested URL is:


notice that users-grid is the id of the outer cgridview. and then after I click on "next" the inner and the outer cgridviews both disappears.

I try to use ajaxUpdate property but it does not affect anything. thank you.

any suggestion?

Hi Aladdin,

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by ‘outer’ and ‘inner’.

I’m afraid nobody would. :(

Won’t you please elaborate your view code and controller code a little more?

Where is the inner grid located? Just under the outer grid? Or, I don’t believe it but, in one of the cell of the outer grid?

@softark thank you for telling me that.

so simply, I have a grid (the outer one), in each grid row in it, I have an ajax button witch expands the row and adds a new grid inside the row (the inner one). the problem is that I haven’t a live site.

Wow, that’s wonderful. :blink:

But I think you have to show us some code to illustrate how it is organized. It sounds a little complicated and probably no one can imagine what you are really doing, let alone give you some advise.