Yii Certification ?

Hello Community!

Is there Yii Certifications to set the industry standard for PHP certifications, recognizing outstanding expertise and delivering a measure of distinction for PHP and Yii Framework developers? And Utilizing exam topics specified by an international board of top PHP experts, core team members and community members?

Because Yii holds Top position in php frameworks worldwide and i see many posts on freelancing sites regarding this!

any suggestions please!

I would like to see an official Yii certification. And the money earned with that could be used to maintain the site, for licenses, etc.

excellent idea

As far as I am concerned, “having contributed to the Yii core code” is all the certification needed :lol:

Dear All,

I think we should start certifications. It would encourage young developers to join the platform.
More developers would be mean more contributions and more reasons for people to use it.