Yii Can Not Acces Module Content

I have windows 7 x86 System with wamp server. I make a project with Yii easily. I would like to use importcsv module. Make dir C:\wamp\www\tippmix\protected\modules. Unzip here the downloaded zip. I have a SiteController with actionIndex where i try is_readable(‘C:\wamp\www\tippmix\protected\modules\importcsv\ImportcsvModule.php’) and its true. After that i try CVarDumper::dump(file_get_contents(‘C:\wamp\www\tippmix\protected\modules\importcsv\ImportcsvModule.php’)); And i got permission denied

If i make a copy of this file and put it sam folder same error. if i put the copy in the C:\wamp\www\tippmix\protected\modules\ folder its work.

Summary: Can not acces folders in C:\wamp\www\tippmix\protected\modules\ folder.

I can not imagine how this happend is_readable say readable but when i read it’s not.

If somebody could help me, that would be great.

Sorry for my eng.