Yii-Bootstrap Tbtabs Inside Tbnavbar


i want to place tabs inside tbnavbar.

i tried to do the following:

  1. place the tbtabs widget inside the tbnavbar widget:


		array('label'=>'Home',        'url'=>array('/site/index')),

		array('label'=>'second item',     'url'=>array('/site/underConstruction')),

		array('label'=>'third item',  'url'=>array('/site/contact')),

		array('label'=>'forth item',       'url'=>array('/site/underConstruction')),



		array('id' => 'tab1','label'=>'tab1', 'content'=>      'pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp'), 

		array('id' => 'tab2','label'=>'tab2',  'content' => 'lalalala'),


	$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbNavbar', array(

			'brand' => '',

			'collapse'=>true, // requires bootstrap-responsive.css

			'fixed' => true,

			'fluid' => true,


					array (




					array (


							'type' => 'tabs',


							'tabs' =>$left_menu))));

the tabs actually appears inside the navbar, but the content appears in the middle of the navbar and not below it.

  1. i also tried to place the tbtabs outside the navbar:

changed fixed and fluid properties to false, and place it in form-inline div.

but the tbtabs appears below the navbar.

any ideas?