Yii Booster Problems

I’m new to Yii and have just been trying Yii Booster. I’ve been having problems getting it working right. It is working now, but it slows page loading a lot - about 4 seconds, just running on local machine running wamp. I know there’s a lot of js to load etc, but it shouldn’t be that slow??!!

I wanted to try the yiiboilerplate out too, but I can’t understand the paths of frontend and backend. How to access them in browser?

just comment the following line in index.php

defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',true);

Thanks it’s fast again now :D

Can anyone explain the boilerplate structure - i.e. how am I suposed to access front end and back in in a browser?

By setting up two virtual hosts. One which has frontend/www as document directory, the other one with backend/www.

OK so we remove the frontend directory and move it to one vhost and move backend to another? Can backend be on a subdomain of the domain with the frontend?

Sorry, basicly by vhost I also meant to include a subdomain configuration. Just configure your webserver like this:

example.tld -> /yourwwwroot/yourproject/frontend/www

backend.example.tld -> /yourwwwroot/yourproject/bsckend/www