Yii Boilerplate With User-Rights Module

Recently, I have tried to use Clevertech Yii boilerplate.

So I started with configuring it and successfully installed user module as well. I am stuck where in after installing rights module in backend, I cannot manange the frontend controller with rights module…

Is it possible to use rights with frontend controllers as well ? right now I cannot find a way to with which i can handle the RBAC in yii boilerplate.

Any help will be greatly appreciated…

Try to up this question.

I would like to know if there is a way:

  1. To use the famous user-rights extension with this boilerplate. I think it will conflict with the existent user authentication and authorization system.

  2. To "adapt" the existent backend author.&authen. system to the frontend also.

Resume: anyone using this boilerplate, how do you manage users and roles on frontend also? Do you create "proper" code or module?