Yii-Boilerplate Project

Hey guys, I’m very pleased to announce a new project of mine: Yii-Boilerplate

The idea of the project is to provide boilerplate starting points for yii apps which come with a predefined set of tools installed and configured.

The following templates are currently available: Bootstrap, Haml and Bootstrap-Haml.

I decided to make each template a branch on the same repo so anyone can fork the project create a new template (as a new branch) and make a pull-request.

Also, You can easily create new apps based on the templates through the yiib command I created. So, running:

yiib bootstrap-haml MyAwesomeApp

will create a new Yii app, based on yii 1.1.10 with the bootstrap, giix-haml and yiihppie extensions pre installed and configured.

Checkout the project on GitHub and read the README for more info.

Have Fun!

why would you wanna use bootstrap since yii does so much for you out of the box

Nice work, but wrong area in forum.

Happy coding.