Yii Blog Enhanced on GitHub

Hi, i’m new at Yii development, but I thought that this project could help other new developers like me learning Yii even faster.

I know that there are some other collaborative projects out there but none that I saw can be focused on a project that can be used on the real world. So my idea was to enhance the actual Yii Blog Demo project that we can find on the Yii tutorials.

I recently discovered the power of Git version system and soon realized that I could use Github to create a public repository to host a project that anyone can watch (view, download, and test) or fork (same as watch but can also contribute).

Here’s the link for the project

Yii Blog Enhanced on GITHUB

This project consists on improving the actual Yii Blog Demo by using custom code, extensions, design, … from the contributions of other programmers. New and experienced yii programmers are welcome to this project.

The goal of this project in the long term is to make the blog as functional as possible to help others to advance faster learning yii and how it works in the real world with a real application.

For those who don’t know GitHub, it’s easy to learn, it’s basically a code repository where you can “watch” projects and “fork” them contributing with your own code.

There are a lot of GIT tutorials out there to help you, and you can find some tutorials explaining how to use netbeans and git and also netbeans with yii so you don’t have to change IDE to use GIT version system. Or if you use other IDE you can always use the GIT command line to commit to the project.

Right now the project is still starting to grow but the main objectives are:

-Use the latest Yii version available (Currently Yii 1.1.10)

-Use the latest versions of the extensions (when possible) and give the proper credit to the developers

Right now the project contains 3 new features:

-User statistics

-Search bar

-WYSIWYG text editor

-Social bookmarks on posts

-Sponsor banners

Next improvements will be:

-Demo page (soon)

-User registration

-Banner system management

-Custom made design and layout

So i’m asking all new and experienced programmers to join this project and help Yii to gain more visibility outside creating a strong application. All programmers are welcome if you can contribute to the code. And after this project we can perhaps advance to another application more robust.

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: This post will be updated when new features or changes are implemented on this project.

EDIT: added sponsor banners feature

Thanks for sharing your work :).

My company will need to implement a yii powered blog very soon and this would be useful to help us not to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you for your support. And you are very welcome to participate in this project.

During this week i will add some more features if possible and I hope others can contribute as well.

Added new feature:

-Added social bookmarks to posts using extension wsocialbutton

[color="#008000"]NOTE: moved to proper section (Yii-powered Application instead of Tips, Snippets and Tutorials)[/color]

Sure thing, I will follow it at github and try to do any contribution we can.

Added new feature

-Added sponsor banners using modified extension mflip


Please note that PHP 5.3 is required for "Search Bar" in this app. See how to fix it for 5.2 and other details on esearch extension page -



I did something similair:


take what you want from there.