Yii beginner

I am a beginner. I don’t understand how yii application works. Is there anyone who can explain me yii application work flow? does How yii createWebApplication->run() method work? Does yii application have to have siteController?

How to change the inital php page?, default php page is site/index.php. How to change this?

To begin with Yii you should check Larry Ulman’s serie: Learning the Yii Framework It’s for the beginners and it’s very well explained!

Then you should have a look at the definitive guide to yii and if you want to go further the Yii Blog tutoial

After reading all this you should understand how Yii is working and there are all the wikis to help you on a particular point!!

These are simple questions, time will tell everything. Just don’t want to learn everything in one day…

Also please consider "a must" the deep knowledge in php and mysql (or other database) before (or in parallel) to understand yii.