Yii Basic Gii With Export Pdf Excel

I have refered , extension giiplus by sirin k.Our requirement,do not allow me to use bootstrap views.I have to add export to pdf-excel functionality in basic gii crud template only,So I have extended ,gii ,I have attached ,that for your referance.

Steps to use it,

1.Extract gii-extended.zip, to protected/extensions ,write in config main.php,

in gii,add line




For eg.‘gii’=>array(






	 	// If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.


	),				),

2.extract,tcpdf ,in extensions.you can download it from here.tcpdf

3.Than,from gii,you will get two new generators,edusecModel generator and edusecCrud generator,try to use them and you will be able to get gii crud with 2 new functionalities,export to pdf and excel.you will get data from session(data in gridview will be exported).

If you want to make your own crud ,you can do it by following steps,

The gii ,if you see url, u are seeing all generatoers on index,u will find it on framework/gii/views/index.php

Here you can,if you want to add any other type of generator,U can make it easily.See gii/generators,for referance.

Now we are starting to make our new generator,like crud generator:

For that make a folder,name suppose giiextended, in extensions folder.Make folder with your custom name,suppose mycrud,

1.Make Code file,like myCrudCode in mycrud,which extends CrudCode.Import


2.Make generator in giiextended folder,like MyCrudGenerator,which extends CrudGenerator,in which change $codeModel,which give path to code file,here myCode.

Import : Yii::import('gii.generators.



Also make it in mycrud,where $codemodel=ext.giiextended.myCrud.myCrudCode

please notice that,if folder name is mycrud,generate will be name of MycrudGenerator,first letter will be capital.

3.Make Folder template in mycrud folder,in which all views as u want.

4.Make a folder view,put a index.php in it,

copy it form crud(framework/gii/generators/crud/view/index.php) ,change name in h1 tag.

5.In config/main.php,in gii in generatorpath array,add ext.giiextended.

as example:




Here ,I have also extended a model,for a session purpose.You can extend it from ModelGenerator.

Did everythig as you told, but there isn`t any edusecModel and edusecCrud generators.

Have you put in extensions folder and change config file,than it should work.try to make logout and run application again,so that config file run again.Got any error?run gii in your application,you will definately get it.May be permission issue,try to give permission,if still not working.

EdusecCrud Generator,EdusecModel Generator both came then next what we want to do

both genrators came but showing error Class ‘GeneratePdf’ does not exist or has syntax error.

PHP warning

include(IndexColumn.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory