Yii based free classifieds script

Hello, here can download free yii based classifieds script. All Comments are more than welcome.

Futures :

  1. SEO friendly urls

  2. caching

  3. unlimited regions

  4. unlimited hierarhical categories

  5. unlimited static pages

  6. themes

  7. easy administration via admin panel


Demo : http://www.dclassifieds.eu/demo/

admin demo : http://www.dclassifieds.eu/demo/admin/default/login

Nice, fairly basic.

There might be a problem with newly created pages.

Hello, what futures you suggest to add?

What do you mean? Can you more specific ?


Just navigate the page i just created, to see the restrictive message: http://www.dclassifieds.eu/demo/Why+choose+Us%3F-pid1.html

It’s a nice clasiffied ad script. My thoughts:

-In real auction sites i’d expect true contact information (seller’s name, telephone, address…), and not just a contact form so that they contact me.

-a few text format tools(size, font, color, bold, italic, underline) for ad input wont be bad at all.

-Site would feel with more life if images could appear in the place where the square google ad is(e.g. a square image instead). Might be also auto slide’em with jquery if are more than one, that would be a nice feature.

Thanks for reporting this bug and for testing. This bug is now fixed : http://dclassifieds.eu/demo/Why-choose-Us--pid1.html

We this is very sensitive information and can’t be public, but if you what you can easy change the template with the theme editor in admin panel.

In the next release we plan to integrate optional wysiyg editor and banner management system.

Thanks again for testing and for suggestions.

There is a bug in theme editor as well. When editing some pages, some default content appears outside the input form. So i guess when you save it, that code don’t go back again. I just broke your site, ‘ad/detail’ :)

It’s because he uses short tags…

You should enable them and this should be fixed if you share your code :D


@cpucpu you rules!!! Thanks for testing. This bug is fixed too. Now you can play :)

Please, if you find more bugz tell me.

I’m very grateful for what you are doing. Thank you!

@Antonio Ramirez thanks it’s the same bug. Now is fixed.

Now you mention it.

When I tried upload a picture, It didn’t allowed to me to upload a .jpg file, I think it’s a design error rather than a programmatic one. And clicking a google ad is not taking me to a goggle ad.

I have one question, tried to edit the right panel to add sellers info in there (fictional, cause i don’t know the vars) but i noticed it is part of the general layout and can’t be customized per ‘ad/view’ page. Is there a way to do that, or may require a layout rewrite?

Yes, right panel is part of the layout. but you can hack it like this in the right panel may write:

if(isset($this->view->adInfo) && !empty($this->view->adInfo)){



The real problem is that there are no such fields in database that you mention above, and this required db schema change :(

Sorry but now i have realized that this is big security hall in the demo and i will disable the save option.

About the jpg problem, i can not reproduce the problem.

Thanks again for testing.

It is an extension issue, .jpe is allowed, .jpeg not.

I downloaded and had a look through the code for interest and it’s definitely an example how NOT to build applications in Yii. I think the understanding of proper use of MVC is certainly lacking as one of the first rules people should learn in MVC is Fat Model Skinny Controller, which certainly hasn’t been followed here. Much of the domain logic is implemented in the controllers instead of the models where it belongs and is rather confusing as a result.

@Sheldmandu Thank you for your opinion. I prefer to put controller specific logic in the controller not in the model. Can you please give an example of what you don’t like.

Thanks in advice

Great work @bobbydigital, Of course this extention is’t perfect, but what is perfect in this world ? nothing.

There are so long time I’m waiting for this kind of extension for Yii, I will download and try in extension to build a new site to replace the static page.


Thanks a lot of making this beautiful classifieds script,iam really impressed with the script and the ease of use.

I’ve tried contacting you from the dclassifieds contact form but unfortunately didnt get response.

If you have plans for future releases with more features i wud really love to donate a bit to this project.

I wish to see these features in your next major release.

1.Users registration and option to let only registered users post ads.

2.Featured ads option so that users have to pay/buy credits to make their ad featured.

4.Auto Sitemaps for site.

3.Multiple payment option.

Have a nice day


thanks a lot have been looking for good classified script.


There is bug in the script . If you click location it takes you the front page where on the front page ads will be shown for that particular location . Front page menu also shows count of ads for that location however when you click the menu it gives you page with all other locations.

Ideally location should be one of the filter among price , etc. can some one let me know how to modify this.

also on ADMIN : if you change admin password some pages will not show up.