Yii based CMS

Hello everybody!

I’m looking for Yii developers and designers to develop an open source Yii based CMS.

Does anybody want’s to create the best open source CMS based on powerfull php framework? I also can provide any technical resources to for this project and all advertisement and project management support. As for me, I’m developer with 7 years expirience.

I’m looking for enthusiastic people who want’s and can work in the team.

Hello Alexsergin,

I have more than 10 years experience in Open Source Development & Support… knowing J2EE/PHP, YII, Joomla and other popular CMS.

It would be my pleasure to join your team. Let me know with more details & your plan.

I am 3+ years experienced in CMS. Basically Joomla, wordpress, Drupal and Magento. I am agree to join your team.


I am a beginner with 1+ years of experience with PHP and Yii. I would be more then happy to help and learn along the way.


Hi alexsergin,

I have just begun to work with Yii Framework, only one year of experience. I will be very happy to join the team in order to help and learn more about PHP and Yii.

Kindly contact me through the below details :

gmail : dore.pmgc@gmail.com

skype : ghislain.penka


The best yii developer on planet yii, would love to join the team.

Hi, I’m interested.

At the moment, 13 years of exp and a growing personal CMS project (till now, two years of job on this), hope that I can contribute with something.

Please, feel free to contact me at

email/msn: removed due to spammers

skype: df9web




I have 3+ years of experience of development.

Include me in your team

My Contact

Skype : amjad.mghl



I’m a webdeveloper to with OOP,YII experience and with a 7 years webdesign experience.

My Contact:



count me in, I love developing applications with Yii. I have 1+ year experience in Yii + wordpress, please PM me.

Hi I am Yii developer. I can help you in developing Yii based CMS. I had experience of more than 2 year and I can develop any type web application in Yii.

My skype id is nirmal_roka.

Thank you. We can talk more on detail about the project.


My experience:

  • 7 years - php mysql;

  • 3 years - Drupal, Joomla;

  • 1.5 years - Yii;

Creating custom applications.

Reside in New York and Paris 50/50.

Will participate in creating Yii CMS with a great pleasure.

Please let me know.


I am 2+ year experience in PHP programming. Mostly in Joomla.

I have started on Yii 5 months ago

Now I am looking for a position to work on an open source project to gain more knowledge and experience.

Please count me in this project.

Contact me on Skype huungoc88

Thank you