Yii auction bidding

I have a tough problem, I think it should be easy for the tough guys , as I am really new to Yii .

I have a bidding site, that has theses models :

User, Auction, Bid , and done a crud generator to all of them.

The User places a Bid on an Auction.

the thing is I’m not able to “bid” on the “auction” from inside the Auction view.

That is if I go to this link : Yii::app()->homeUrl?r=bid/create , I go to the create bid view and then i can create the bid with no problem

But if I try to render partial that specific create bid view inside Yii::app()->homeUrl?r=auction/view&id=13 , nothing gets placed

How do I call another controller’s function from inside another controller’s view ?

Any help is highly appreciated

IYou mean action function, right? If so, you should never do that, instead you can use ajax for example to load content.

Couldn’t you just code it in the controller or model instead?

Ajax is the better method but gets a little hard to debug.