YII as framework for Wordpress plugin

Hello all YII users,

I am very new (=no expirence at all) to this framework, I wanna give it a try since it was adviced to me.

I was using QCodo (I liked the database access classes generated by the framework) but after some time I looked at the licence and realised I can’t do things I want to do. I am very low on time, I can’t play around :((( I count on your knowledge and experience!

I would like to implement simple wordpress plugin, that injects some html/css/js code into posts/pages. It could be considered as simple CRUD application. Can I embedd YII in other framework (Wordpress)?

More details:

Assume someone enters such text into post/page:

[mypluginmodule1 myparam1=myvalue1 myparamX=myvalueX]

this should be replaced by something like:

<div id=mypluginmodule1>

<form ???



where the part between div’s is the job for YII’s CRUD.

Can I use YII in that way?

Any luck with this?

i guess the forum’s not really healthy when it comes to wordpress. i had a post back then about wordpress’ dynamic page generation and how to do it on yii but until now i only had 1 respondent…Me and my “bump”.

anybody shed some light into this one?