Yii As A Php Extension (Written In C)

Have you seen http://phalconphp.com? The basic idea of a framework as an extensions is pretty nice.

I must admit I have no idea of the work involved in the process (or any limitations), but if someone in the Yii community with C-skills has gotten inspired by phalcon, they might get the idea of porting Yii to C?

How awesome would a drop-in-replacement written in C be?

I think its a shame they decided to roll their own framework at phalcon. They should have sticked just to the basic concept of putting a framework into C-code by using something as Yii - and have others worry about architecture.

A working group of C people should focus entirely on keeping up with the PHP version.

What do you think?

We can probably do it for Yii2 at some point. At lest for some classes.

This was already discussed here: