Yii As A Framework For E-Commerce Site

Currently I have site running on Magento 1.4.4 but it required a lot of customization by adding extensions and customizing them which overall made Magento installation a big mess. Actually I have hit a wall where I can’t upgrade extensions because of those customizations, some functionality requests are not possible to achieve within Magento (developers community is pretty weak), etc. After that owner of that store decided to go for something custom.

I have done two custom sites based on other framework but both are not e-commerce dedicated. Are there any devs which was working with Yii as a framework for e-commerce site? Any suggestions, pros and cons, examples? Does it worth to wait for Yii2 in that particular case?


Hi InteractM

I’m also writing a huge commercial site. Never had any problems with Yii. Yii is very very flexible. It allows you to: do your own thing; or override existing things; or incorporate new things.

Personally I’m a bit cautious of using numerous extensions if they are not well maintained by at least a couple of persons.

I would not wait for Yii2. Converting from Yii-1 to Yii-2 should be fast and easy enough.

Check out some Yii powered applications: link

You should understand that Yii is not a CMS or CMF or whatever.

You’ll have to write a lot of code by yourself.

Yii2 is awesome, especially for those who already has Yii1 experience.

As for me, I use it in production despite of the bold-font warning at the repo’s home :)

Well, I have mentioned in OP that I have used other frameworks (use MVC model) for regular site development so don’t worry. About extensions I was talking there regarding Magento not Yii.

have a look at this

+1 for ORey!

Found two more extensions - Yii-Shop and YiiExt but both projects look like dead in the water :\