Yii, AR and SQL views

Hi there,

Do you have any idea, is it possible to use Yii with ActiveRecord on views taken from RDBMS? From the SQL part the only change is that pepared statement would have to begin like SELECT FROM VIEW rather than SELECT FROM tablename.

My friend co-developer and DB admin told me that our database is so messed up and so many tables are in relations that modelling it in Relational Active Record would be a really pain and insted of that he will prepare a serie of views for me, which will model all the business logic and relations on aside of DB. All I have to do is to figure out if using views is possible on AR or if it requires direct approach with Yii DAO?

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You should check these out first!

Really sorry that I haven’t searched enough and posted this post! :(

BTW: It is possible to use view in ActiveRecord for all CRUD operations when using Oracle. See this post for more information.