Yii Applications deployment on GoDaddy feasibility ...

Hi all,

Can yii based applications be deployed on GoDaddy Lamp site.

Pls provide links to to-do steps/instructions.



It’s possible, but a shared hosting account will have some limitations.

  1. Review the installation guide.

  2. Request/enable SSH access to your account.

  3. Use FTP File Manager to upload and unarchive Yii to a directory under root (I always rename it to /yii regardless of the version). Set the permissions to 755.

  4. Check the requirements by loading www.yourdomain.com/yii/requirements and fix any problems.

  5. Check if the demos work by loading www.yourdomain.com/yii/demos/blog or any of the others.

  6. If everything is ok at this point, log in through SSH, navigate to the html root folder and create the skeleton webapp by executing the command

$php /yii/framework/yiic webapp directory-where-app-will-reside

In essence that’s it. The most important thing is to read the Yii documentation (step #1).

Things to watch out for with GoDaddy shared hosting:

  1. Will need Hosting Configuration 2.0.

  2. Will need SSH access which is disabled by default; request it.

  3. PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0 are the latest versions available; if you need anything newer you’re out of luck.

  4. If you need to manage the MySQL databases with third party tools (e.g. SQLyog) make sure you define them with direct database access. Otherwise the default won’t allow it and can’t be changed.

  5. For pretty URL’s, the .htaccess file is a bit different than the recommended in the documentation. Search this forum for answers because it has been discussed and solved before.

Good luck.