Yii Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition

Second edition of the my Yii recipe book will be available in a few weeks. In the second edition many recipes were updated and rewritten to reflect latest Yii and PHP world changes and improve overall experience. Additionally all errata from the first edition was fixed.

It features some brand new recipes:

  • Rendering content at the client side

  • Leveraging HTTP caching

  • Using Composer with Yii

You can learn much more about the book on its companion website.

btw., the shot with parrots for the cover was taken by me in MalaysiaBangkok in 2012 and I really glad that PACKT agreed on replacing preliminary cover image with these cuties.

Can’t wait for the book… and congrats on the nice picture ;)

Ah, cool congrats

The picture is fantastic. And judging from the first edition of the book, so will the content be. This is definitely a book to have close at hand.

Looking forward to the new edition.

Excellent news! :D

Wonderful, was thinking about reading it for a second time as it’s a great book (and I always recommend it for every Yii developer or anyone who wants to learn it), so now with some new content I would definitely need to read it. Thanks for writing this great book Alex :)


Congrats! for book and pic.

Just curious: You said that you updated book for latest Yii. So, is this second edition for Yii 2 or Yii 1.1 latest version?

1.1 latest version.

[size=2]Nice book[/size]

In ther website, Packt writes your name "Makarav" at least in one place (Author tab), as does Amazon at least once.

Easier to check by googling "Alexander Makarav is an experienced engineer from Russia"

He-he. Seems to be a typo. Will contact PACKT about fixing it where possible. Thanks.

I dunno if its the best place to describe typos or errors, but there’s one on chater 3 page 85


<h2><?php echo $keyword?> events</h2>

Should be:

<h2><?php echo $object?>:</h2>

Great Work.



$.each(json.data, function(){}

Should Be

$.each(json, function(){

Thanks for reporting errata. The one you’ve mentioned is already listed at the book website: http://yiicookbook.org/errata