yii application breakdown / flow

Is there a nice diagram somewhere that breaks down the entire load process in Yii?

Like with bubbles and arrows showing what order it runs, when it kicks in the users classes, how it exits, and such?


I agree that this would be helpful. It would also be a nice practice in UML to create a sequence diagram for Yii. Maybe some student here is looking for a seminar project…? ;)

Well, that does have pretty bubbles and arrows… but it’s way over simplified. I know how MVC works. I want an advanced diagram, like a full application schema listing every core file and what triggers it.

I meant specific files, showing exactly what/where’s loaded, in what order… Also how the program exits as well, that diagram stops after everything is rendered, I’m sure a bit of cleanup is done afterwards.

A diagram like this would be very helpful indeed for beginners and even for veterans of this great framework. Maybe Qiang could give some insight into the exact flow of the application? If I find some time to compile a diagram I will definitely do it :)

Well, was it done?

The diagram could answer loads of questions and potentially boost productivity.