Yii app on VPS with Litespeed + Wordpress blog?


This is my first post to this forum and i do have a couple of Yii related questions.

I am not a programmer but about to commission a site from some third party developers who are planning on building my site using Yii. Yii looks certainly interesting, but that leaves me with some questions that go a bit beyond the project I am about to commission.

This is what I need:

  1. my main site (www.mainsite.com) developed on Yii

  2. a Wordpress blog hosted on a sub-domain (blog.mainsite.com)

  3. possibly more Wordpress blogs hosted on the same VPS (www.someothersite.com)

I’m ok with getting my hands dirty and tweaking stuff here and there but I am by no means a technical expert when it comes to configuring servers and troubleshooting server/framework/script related issues.

I am currently planning on getting a MANAGED VPS.

They offer LiteSpeed as an add-on and it seems to be a better performing alternative to Apache.

So I figured it be a worthwhile option to take.

So here come my (noob) questions:

  1. Is Yii compatible with a VPS using LiteSpeed?

  2. Does that require any specific tweaks?

  3. Are there any particular things that would NOT work?

  4. I’m assuming Yii must be installed on the VPS (unless there are just some “library files” to upload into a folder). Is that something my host can do (managed VPS)?

  5. Would Yii in any way conflict with Wordpress installs?

Thank you so much for any insight anyone could provide