Yii::app()->Getclientscript()->Registerscript By Ajax Call

I am using this extension for commenting in my site. It registers jquery function in a widget ECommentsListWidget .When i called this widget by ajax call the jquery file does got registered.

Here is what i have tried.

Instead of widget creating default id i manually assign a static one to test for widget

<div id="comment_area">



<?php $options = CJavaScript::encode(array(

                'dialogTitle' => Yii::t('msg', 'Add comment'),

                'deleteConfirmString' => Yii::t('msg', 'Delete this comment?'),

                'approveConfirmString' => Yii::t('msg', 'Approve this comment?'),

                'postButton' => Yii::t('msg', 'Add comment'),

                'cancelButton' => Yii::t('msg', 'Cancel'),







             url:"<?php echo Yii::app()->createUrl('/site/comment'); ?>",








            $js = "jQuery('#{$id}').commentsList($options);";

            Yii::app()->getClientScript()->registerScript('ECommentsListWidget#'.$id, $js);





I have tried by registering file in view page and then bind it in ajax call. it shows jQuery file and bind code when i inspect by firebug. as


jQuery(function($) {

jQuery('#ywtk').commentsList({'dialogTitle':'Add comment','deleteConfirmString':'Delete this comment?','approveConfirmString':'Approve this comment?','postButton':'Add comment','cancelButton':'Cancel'});



But now the problem is as comment area html is generated by ajax call and on that id the jQuery function has to bind.

I refered following links also

clientscript with in ajax request

please help me how i can achieve it