Yii-App Consumes 100% Of Resources


I’ve installed yii today I have tried to run yii-app with bootstrap. I run yii on windows, MySQL, Apache 2.2. PHP 5.3.21

When I start localhost/yii/web/ application runs forever and never ends on both in firefox and IE the same. It consumes almost 100% of resources.

When I close FF or IE everything returns to normal.

Why is this?

try to change the ‘watch’ =>false, in params.php.

	'less.options' => array(

		'env' => 'development',

		'watch' => false,


Check if your problem is the Infinite *.less requests

I’m new with less, so i don’t know the real use of ‘watch’.

Yes, that solved my problem, thanks.

After 2 days’ studying the yii I like it very much. :D