YII and smartclient

Hi, I have a working smartclient front end which I’d like to shift so that it uses YII on the backend. I’m not having much luck figuring out how to integrate these two systems. Can anyone send me a pointer to how to integrate these systems? Actually anyway to wrap PHP objects in JSON and pass them to the front end would be useful.


Is CJavaScript what you’re looking for?

Welcome to the forums anyway.

I guess CJSON will be helpful. I’m also looking for the same answer.

I want a url(view) where it passes output in JSON format. So, till now what i have thought is

I will have ./protected/view/layouts/json.php as another view along with main.php (main view)

But I am not sure how to call that. Can anyone give a little help to use this as situation based multiple view?

I would appreciate a tutorial on this too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.