Yii and SaaS Experienced Consultant

I have spent a moderate amount of money building a SaaS software using the Yii framework. It is about 6 months since it has been touched because I ran out of funds, but luckily I’m doing this mostly for “fun.” Programming and tech is just somewhat of a hobby.

The software is almost done and a lot of the hard part is complete. What I need is someone that can spend time with me in getting past those programming hurdles before I pull my hair out.

Person must speak English well. Have experience in building a SaaS that is programmed with good practices including thoughts of scalability and security. At the end, I’m almost looking for an adviser or tutor.

I am in PST (-7 UTC) and I own my own business so I work on this on my free time which can sometimes be in mid day but would be more available for a video/chat in evenings.

The software itself is a industry specific CMS that just needs a billing and invoice component. After that, it is a matter of debugging and adding features as it comes.

To apply: go to www.odesk.com/jobs/Yii-and-SaaS-EXPERT-Consultant_~~e589200fd559841f