Yii and OrientDB

how to use OrientDB in Yii…?

@fel, if OrientDB has a PHP library / API, then you can get it to work with Yii as a third party library. But as you’ve probably already figured out, there is no native support for it and I don’t recall seeing an extension for it.

As far as i know, there’re 2 php libraries for orientdb, one being more maintained than the other.

Question about Yii 2 : will it be easier to build our native storage support ? (and so would be easier to have either a redis or orientdb or whatever as a main storage solution)

You could use orientdb with Haensel’s active resource extension: https://github.com/Haensel/ActiveResource

Basically it allows you to treat REST services (like orientdb’s) as active records.

Interesting resource, thanks for it.

On the other way, access with rest means performance lost but still tempted to see closer…if it were not in alpha. Check for me this time and have to be patient.