Yii And Mariadb

Hi everybody,

I’ve been using Debian,

Yii worked perfect, without any problems.

But since I’ve started using Arch Linux, It fails connecting to the database and I receive this error:

"CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection: could not find driver ".

(Arch mariaDB instead uses mysql)

There is no problem with the database, WordPress and Basic code (for database connection) is working fine and no problem.

Where is the problem you think?

I’m also using ArchLinux. MariaDB is 100% compatible with MySQL, all the tools and libraries still contain mysql in their name.

Remember to uncomment extension=pdo_mysql.so in your /etc/php/php.ini file.

Debian does a lot automatically when installing new packages, in Arch you need to configure everything yourself.

Thnx after uncomment extension=pdo_mysql.so, everything work completely.

I’m curious about MariaDB and was wondering if it works with Yii under CentOS Linux and Windows. Do you guys have any idea? Thanks in advance.

Works fine with CentOS 5 and 6 for me. The MariaDB devs have set up a yum repository for it, which makes installation a breeze.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into it as I’m running CentOS 6 for my personal projects. I may also have a need for it at work, but under Windows; any ideas?

Thanks again,

No idea regarding Windows. There is a .msi available, though. As for the Repository, try the repository configurator. I think there is no .noarch.rpm for the repo itself.

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t mean availability of MariaDB for Windows (it is available) but rather Yii compatibility with it under Windows. I guess you answered my question anyway, so thanks! :)

Ah well, the same applies for Windows as it does for Linux: Yii works with MariaDB. Very officially ;)

Excellent, thanks!