Yii And Jquery Plugin

Hi all.

I’m new to Yii and also PHP.

So i have tabular input like described in “Collecting Tabular Input” of “The Definitive Guide to Yii” and it’s working great. I collect those parameters in controller and store them to database, but i would like to have interaction, when i change some quantity that total changes in view without calling controller.

To be more accurate, this is what i would like to have:

Since i can’t put link, i’ll just describe it: jquery.calculation.js is plugin and on their site (pengoworks) there is a demo (one with qty, price, total and grand total).

It doesn’t matter that i have same calculation in two places, it’s just for better experience.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if it’s possible to combine them and how to call plugin. I have CHtml::activeNumberField() for count, should i call it within htmloptions? Where to put plugin code?

Thanking you in advance.


Here’s a good explanation on how to call plugins: