Yii and JQuery mobile


I have an existing yii app that I would like to create a mobile theme for it using jquery mobile.

I assume that that the theme will include both css and several actions and views.

What is the best strategy to "attack" it? Anyone with expirance in this area that can share some best practices?




I’m also considering the same thing…even taking it one step further and building my app based on jquery mobile. I like the navigation and total ajax interface. They’ve done well to handle the navigational browser history and given a solid base for extending it.

Hopefully this post will get to the top, maybe someone else has some experiences with it?


Now I am a complete noob when it comes to Yii and web-dev (just starting), but doesn’t the jQuery Mobile take a heavy front-end (complete client-side rendering) with a RESTful backend, approach mostly ?

So far in my attempts at learning Yii, I seem to be getting an impression (hopefully very wrong) that Yii integrates "just enough" jQuery, but it might not be natural to to write a RESTful app in Yii.