yii ajax

I want to know how yii is supports ajax?

Has about this aspect material or the case?

The material is more detailed is better!

Thanks and Sorry for my english!

There are such nice things as AJAX validation of user forms, wrappers for some jQuery UI widgets and other helpful stuff (e.g. check if a query is an AJAX request). Since Yii comes with jQuery library you can easily use any of it’s AJAX functions and plugins.

Thank you for andy_s’s advice!

Another question!

my php page:

<?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink('ajaxLink',array('site/ajax'),array('type'=>'post','data'=>'','update'=>'test')); ?>

<br />

<br />

<div id="test" name="test">Tom</div>

my action:

public function actionAjax()


	echo "richie";


I know Yii user jquery , so I add jquery.js!

But It doesn’t work! Why?


try to don’t specify the type and data params… also I think that type should be uppercase (POST)

Also have a look here:


And you don’t need to include jQuery cause it is loaded by yii.



It is OK!

Thank you , Virtual DarKness !

Explain a bit your problem and we’ll try to give you some answer.

What exactly are you trying to do?


I have a popup login form containing two field ie. email and password. I want to validate the email field using ajax. Any ideas how to go about it?