Yii Ajax Application

Hi everyone.

I’m working on project which aims to create Ajax-full application. I’m wondering if it is possible to complete this task only with build in Yii methods like Ajax links, etc.

In this project I use Yiibooster extension and I got stuck with some problems.

When I’m replacing content with GridView to content also containing GridView event handlers stack up and I have for example multiple confirms on delete. I know that it is possible to remove this effect usign renderPartial with last parameter set to false but then GridView wont work after replacement from content without it. Is there any way to load all necessary scripts during first non-ajax page load so that i could always renderPartial without processOutput?

Second thing is that Yiibooster GridView adds some responsiveCss to head tag during non-ajax load which is partially dependent on Model attributes visible in table. Is there any way to force Yii to register Css to body of the page rather than head?

With current knowledge of AngularJs I think it’s impossible to use it within this project because visibility of any part of user interface (even form fields, grid columns, etc) depends on user rights. I would be forced to use conditions and loops in angular syntax which mean that user would see all content even if he wont have rights to see it.

If it is impossible to create this kind of Ajax application with build in methods which other do you recommend.

Take a look at this http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/497/angularjs-frontend-connecting-it-with-a-yii-backend-rest-api-gallery-manager-demo-application/

Thanks for reply. I’ll check it out. I hope this approach have some advantages over pure AngularJs.