I did install yii-basic and run perfect ,the same way inslalled yii-advanced also ,how can I run yii-advanced ,there is no index.php .please give me idea ,I am beginner please


After you install the application, you have to conduct the following steps to initialize the installed application. You only need to do these once for all.

Run command init to initialize the application with a specific environment.

Create a new database and adjust the components.db configuration in common/config/params.php accordingly.

Run command yii migrate to apply DB migrations.

Now you should be able to access:

the frontend using the URL http://localhost/advanced/frontend/web/

the backend using the URL http://localhost/advanced/backend/web/


I am having the same problem…

as i am quite new to yii framework and have a good time to learn apart from 2 small project to develop early, for which i had chosen yii2. with which I would learn, develop and prepare for advanced development in yii.

Pl. let us know the exact steps to install a working copy of advanced yii2 framework.

I am using win7 64bit, xampp1.8.1 and php5.4.7.

and more when i try to install composer on my PC i am getting the following error

—The PHP exe file you specified did not execute correctly:


Running it from the command line might highlight the problem.

Internal Error [ERR_RESULT], exit code 1—

if you could do some thing of this pl. I am running other PHP project smoothly on this machine

Thanks and waiting…