yii.activeform.js validate 1 attribute

How to validate yii2 activeform attribute using jquery ?

You can do it this way:


But I only need to validate 1 attribute exactly

You can manually trigger the validation of the attribute with the specified ID using validateAttribute method. Try this:

jQuery("[your-form-selector]").yiiActiveForm("validateAttribute", "[your-field-id]");

or alternatively:

jQuery("[your-form-selector]").yiiActiveForm("find", "[your-field-id]").validate();

Uncaught Error: Method validateAttribute does not exist on jQuery.yiiActiveForm

Update Yii2 – https://github.com/y...iveForm.js#L231

or try alternative solution

It seems that my activeform.js doesn’t have validateattribute method http://pastebin.com/ntmwAQKN

About using alternative:

I always get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined, on this line:

var attributes = $(this).data('yiiActiveForm').attributes,

This is probably because of wrong field id. Paste your code so I could help you to find solution.

jQuery("[your-form-selector]").yiiActiveForm("validateAttribute", "[your-field-id]");

It’s fine.

But I also need to know if validation result is good or bad. Maybe validate() returns something, but after trying it:

jQuery("[your-form-selector]").yiiActiveForm("find", "[your-field-id]").validate();

it gives me this error in the chrome console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined

yii.validation.pub.addMessage	@	yii.validation.js:20

yii.validation.pub.required	@	yii.validation.js:35

jQuery.yiiActiveForm.validate	@	index.php?r=site/submit-test-form:2669

(anonymous function)	        @	test-form.js:9

jQuery.extend.each	        @	jquery.js:374

jQuery.fn.jQuery.each	        @	jquery.js:139

changeView	                @	test-form.js:6

onclick	                        @	index.php?r=site/submit-test-form:1183

I had this issue on a form and I couldn’t get it to validate only one field. If you are in a form then you can use a work around to make it fire.


That will tell yii to fire the validation. I couldn’t get calling the validation directly to work.

This works for me (Yii 2.0.6):

$('#formId').yiiActiveForm('validateAttribute', 'input-id')

In my case it was a $(document).ready ordering issue.

Notice that the scripts are loaded before the page javascript that instantiate the the form’s validation.

What I had to do was change the order of script calls.

What I had to do was change the order of script calls.

How did you do that?
I can’t load my asset after validation js file, so it is always calls in wrong order.