Yii Acl Blog Demo

People have asked me recurringly for a demo implementation of ACL.

Now I’ve finally struggled to myself and fleshed out the yii blog demo with very basic permissions. They should just give you an idea of how to approach (the very basic) things with ACL, for details take a look at “Yii-ACL in a nutshell”.

Let me know if you miss something.

ACL Blog Tutorial PDF

ACL Blog Tutorial zipped


Thank you for detailed explanation!

Many many thanks for this!!

I just noticed a flaw in this demo:

I did not tie the objects created by guests to their sessions. That means that as a guest you have full access to the content of all other guests. I just slipped by, I’ll make an update to the demo.


It seems rows are not deleted in aco, aco_collection tables when a corresponding record is deleted, resulting in many useless rows in those tables. Did I miss something ?

I have a error:

  • Parse error: parse error, expecting `’)’’ in acl\models\behaviors\RestrictedActiveRecordBehavior.php

this happen in capter 3 of tutorial