Yii: A year in review

(Alexander Makarov) #1

It is the end of 2019 so let’s review what was done in a year.


An OpenCollective fund was created and later expanded with Tidelift and GitHub. The fund allowed me to focus on Yii 3 while keeping Yii 1.1 and Yii 2.0 well maintained. That’s a big success and I’d like to
say thank you to all community members making it possible.


I’ve introduced “release Tuesdays”, [defined workflow for issue triaging] (Re-designing github issue workflow), improved Yii 2 release tools. All that made it possible to release 15 Yii 2 versions, one Yii 1.1 version and numerous Yii 2 extensions while working on Yii 3.

Additionally, release cycle was clarified.

Yii 3

As seen from the updates, the progress so far is significant thanks to community members making great pull requests and doing reviews. It’s a terrific job.

Of course, there’s work to be done but the fact is that Yii 3 already could be used for projects. I’d not use it for commercial projects yet but hobby ones should be perfectly fine if you have time to adjust for future breaking changes and OK about the fact that there would be many.

So far we have a number of packages, part of the guide, demo application,
great framework development tool and overall contribution workflow defined.

Next year we are going to tag some alpha releases, implement a few simple projects to check if framework usability is good enough, fix issues found along the way, provide an application template, complete the guide, polish packages further and implement things currently missing such as debug toolbar and Gii.

Thank you for supporting Yii and Happy New Year!

(Arslon Saidov) #2

I hope you make yii3 perfect

(Eloy Gonzalez) #3

Good Work, thx for all members, happy new year 2020

(asadAlhassanat) #4

Wow nice work, I hope we see stable release in nearest time

(alexsam986) #5

Good team work. Wish you a Happy New Year 2020.

(Josef Rybička) #6

I really appreciate your work. Best wishes to 2020!

(levilogics) #7

Happy new year

(Breg) #8

Good news, especially the funding progress.
Passion is always fine, but mostly not sustainable :wink:

(Fsb) #9

I’m pleased to hear that the funding ideas worked out.