Yii 3 Webseite with Guide and Components

I have a general question regarding yii3 and how developers should interact with. What about a Yii 3 Website? One of the best things in yii framework eco systems are the guides, the documentation.

Either i could not find anything or the link is super secret :slight_smile:

I am aware there are docs folder for each component, but this is really not what we were used to from the amazing yii framework documentation. I think there should be more focus on documentation and presentation. A website which auto gathers those informations and add some guides to it, otherwise yii 3 wont get a lot of attention (please don’t kill me :gun:, just my opinion).

Are there any plans or thoughts on this?

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Yes, i saw this. But this is a github repo, i don’t want to browse markdown files :slight_smile:

And more important: its absolut generic technology information regarding yii3. It does not help me building a yii3 project to be honest. It’s more a documentation for developers who d like to help creating yii3.

compared to:

The guide is in a sub-dir: https://github.com/yiisoft/docs/blob/master/guide/en/README.md

Hi @nadario
You can help make Yii3 documentation user friendly.
Feel free to drop suggestions