Yii 2 pagination is not working properly

Dear All,

I am trying to make pagination workable in my web application. But it seems not not giving me correct number for totalCount properties. My code is-

 	$find_query = "SELECT * FROM business WHERE status='Enabled' ";


 	$query = Business::findBySql($find_query);


 	//$query = Business::find()->where(['status' => 'Enabled']);

	$countQuery = clone $query;


	$pages = new Pagination(['totalCount' => $countQuery->count(), 'defaultPageSize' => 10]);


	$data_rows = $query->offset($pages->offset)



From above code, if I use object with findBySql() then it’s giving me right number of rows but then the number of rows is not matching with $pages->totalCount value. totalCount giving me different number than actual result rows number.

If use commented object with find() then its giving me same row number for $pages->totalCount and $data_rows.

What I need to update here to make sure findBySql() is working as expected?

I have to use findBySql() because my SQL is little bit complex which contains multiple join operation.

Advance thanks…