Yii, 2 Infinite Scrolls In The Same Page Affect Each Other

Hi guys,

I have 2 infinite scroll in my page, they turn up affect each other. How can I make it work so they work independently?

I modified the infinite scroll js file so i made a reverse infinite scroll plugin, so right now I have 2 class, or plugins(one infinite, one reverse-invite) so they point to 2 js files. However, if I put them into the same page, both of them change to reverse infinite scroll order… It seems that 2 js files affect each other? and when one list is loading, the other one will be loading as well…

How can I solve this?

I’m using this plugin:


Any ideas guys? Happy thanksgiving btw :)

If the two javascript files have functions with the same names, the second set of functions will replace the first when the second file is included. You would need to ensure that the javascript function names were unique to prevent this conflict.