YII 2 BUG in ResetPasswordForm Model Advance Template


There is a bug in ResetPasswordForm.php which has a problem for reseting a new password that will not work

The following Code in this model must be changed

Correct form is as the following:

It should work as is because of setter support in Yii. Is it actually causing any trouble? If yes, how exactly?

There is an open issue regarding the url format:

I tested reset password today with a fresh install of the advanced template, yii 2.0.2, which I installed on 1/11/15. The text url format sent in the email is still being corrupted. Here is the url I got for the token:


Once I strip out the 3D and the extra = signs, the rest of the process works perfectly as is.

UPDATE: Apparently the encoded format is expected behavior, so there may not be a problem, since I successfully tested the rest of the process.