Yii 2 As A Rest Framework

Hello everyone,

I have been using Yii 1 for years and last night I decided to try the new Yii 2 and I saw it depends on [font="Courier New"]fxp/composer-asset-plugin[/font] to work, even if I try to install just the framework with a [font="Courier New"]composer require yiisoft/yii2 2.0.0-rc[/font] I need the plugin because the dependencies are in the [font="Courier New"]composer.json[/font] file.

If you think about using [font=“Courier New”]backbone[/font], [font=“Courier New”]angular[/font], [font=“Courier New”]ember[/font], [font=“Courier New”]react[/font] or any other you need Yii to be a rest framework, you don’t need anything related to view rendering or asset management. The correct would be your [font=“Courier New”]nginx[/font] or any other webserver is responsable to serve the frontend files and Yii is just there to be an API.

I tryed a lot of PHP frameworks over the years but nothing is so productive and flexible as Yii. I would like to use all framework components but view redering and I would not like to pull all bower components that I will not use every time I deploy my application.

My suggestion is to make the dependency on the assets plugin optional, maybe by making [font="Courier New"]yiisoft/yii2[/font] have only the PHP dependencies and [font="Courier New"]yiisoft/yii2-full[/font] have all dependencies for a full app.

I would like to know what everyone think about this.

PS: Sorry if I made any english mistake.

So you suggest moving asset dependecies into apps?

Maybe great a yiisoft/yii2-assets and who want it can include to have the assets needed. I just don’t think that bower components should be a dependency of the yii2 core

Would you please create an issue at github about it?