Yii 2 App License


I have made a application in Yii 2 for free download.

I want people to be able to download the app but not edit the source code. This is because I do not want people editing it and then re-selling it at a cost to other people etc.

I do not want to be held responsible for any problems the application may cause people who use it on their web servers as it a free product. I have done my best to secure the application but I do not want to be held responsible if someone does hack it as it a free product.

What type of license should I use?


If you just want to avoid responsibility, any Open Source license is OK. If you want to prevent re-selling it then it probably worth releasing code with your own license.

Ok thanks. So you do not know of a "free to use" but "cannot modify source" license?

You can copy any free license that you like and add explicit clause prohibiting selling.

The easiest will be something like

of course am not a lawyer so use the above at your own risk :)