Yii 2 and Android app


I have yii2 basic. I have a web portal designed thus far for our organization. Now we want to develop an android app that will interfere with this application.

For eg: We have designed a web portal for SHG, where admin can create employee and assign roles to employee as FieldOfficer using RBAC to handle SHG.
When FieldOfficer logs into his account he can create new groups and members details, and create group saving details for each month.

Now we want that the field officer should enter the groupsavingdetails using an android app.

How to achieve this?

Multiple ways:

  1. REST API + Android app as a client.
  2. You make your admin layout work with phones and optionally wrap it into a simple Android app that does nothing more than wrapping a website.

How to accomplish it in both ways can you explain or tell me in detail.
How it will work using REST API and second option.

Something like https://inducesmile.com/android/android-with-yii-2-restful-api-example/

So from where should I begin.
I have foll tables in web portal database

  1. employee
  2. groupdetails
  3. groupsavingdetails

Now I have a form designed for web portal to collect data and handle calculations for each month saving. Now on android app should I design the UI and how to create the path that will connect to web portal.

Here on which controller I should extend rest ActiveController

Here employee table is the one from where authentication, authorization using RBAC is done.

Can you tell me in detail step by step what should I do?

There are existing tutorials on doing REST APIs with Yii. I’ve linked to one of them. Don’t have enough time right now to create another tutorial. Sorry.

These are very basic questions and not Yii specific.
Valuable brain grease of Yii developers should not be wasted on these kind of topics :wink:

Jamess, first develope your Yii application so that it runs on a normal browser !
Then try it out on your android browser, and adapt the style sheet maybe.

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