Yii - 2 Advance Installation Problem

Hello Friends,

I am new to yii, i have installed yii-2 on my server.

After installation when i try to run the website, i see a directory listing page instead of my frontend/backend section of website

please help …

Thanks !

you need to run

php init

from the console window and select the appropriate environment for your application. Please read the documentation carefully for more details. Everything is explained there.

After that, run your application from




Thanks Abhimanyu Saharan

But !

It’s on live server and i don’t have access to console !!

May be this article can help U


Unless you can set two document roots (2 hosting accounts) the advanced may not be for you.

This setup is intended to have two domains, or a domain and subdomain with separate document roots. It is for using a shared codebase with two different ‘applications’ - usually a public facing site and administrative backend.

You can achieve a similar approach with the basic app using an /admin module if on shared hosting.