Yii 2.0 Website List

If you have developed or known a website in yii 2.0, please add here it will helpful to start new project with yii2.0


I don’t have a Website build with YII… I build the Webservice that powers my iPhone Game using Yii2…

Here a Link to the Game:


And a Link to the Facebook Page:


Everything works fine for me using YII2 :)

For this App I build a new Model Generator. Take a look here:


If you are interested in the generator, let me know :)

Thanks and Greetings,


I don’t have any live projects on 2.0 yet.

This one (not my project) is using 2.0: https://www.theprintful.com/


I wrote the blog for my girlfriend in yii2 (and still ongoing)


Its in my signature -

Extension Demos and JQuery Plugins

The font in this website is extremely difficult for me to read … hurts my eyes after a few seconds.

Very basic tutorials to learn YII 2 than the current YII2’s documents