Yii 2.0 UML Diagrams?

Ahoy folks.

Well, it will exist some type of UML diagrams of Yii 2?

I think than some UML Diagraman can be useful for a more soft and ease understanding of the design of the framework for develop and update of future and actual extentions, and other stuff. What did you think?

Can be easily done via something like PhpStorm. It has UML generation from code feature.

Also, I have reverse engineered all of the Yii library using Enterprise Architect. It makes nice diagrams and you can switch back and forth between the diagrams and code easily.

As Samdark said, the UML can be done with PhpStorm, but the source of YII 2 is not yet available…

I think that Yyeshua needs some kind of preview of the next version.

By the way, the Download section of this site mentions March as a possible date for a first release of V2, it should be updated because march was a month ago…

No source code yet. Sorry.

i use UML every day, in combination with Yii. I think UML must not be a part of Yii itself,but if some of us is aimed to build a Yii module for UML layer that (as an example) generates thecode from a sequence diagram back and forward, then it would be nice, for Yii 1.1 and 2.0…or as a a backward tool that profiles the full action sequence into a Uml diagram would be nice too.