Yii 2.0 personal message system


I’m looking for a personal message system for yii2 which enables website users to send each other private messages.

Require tabs-inbox, sent items,deleted items

my messages table for the model looks like this-

id int(11)

title varchar(255)

message text

from int(11)

to int(11)

from_viewed tinyint(1)

to_viewed tinyint(1)

from_deleted tinyint(1)

to_deleted tinyint(1)

from_vdate datetime

to_vdate datetime

from_ddate datetime

to_ddate datetime

created datetime

on the extensions list I’ve seen a few personal message systems for yii 1.1 but none for yii 2.

This surprised me as it is quite a common use case. Has anyone built one they could share?

I think that you might be looking for this:



That’s got some elements of what I’m looking for and will be useful for reference.

Although I have decided now to re-write one of my old pre-yii/oop projects as I think it will be quicker.

The GII code generator for models and CRUD are fantastic-wish I’d have switched to this framework years ago!