yii 2.0 multiple application one domain

Hi Alls.

I’m looking for a php framework, but installing Yii 2.0 i have the doub, if is possible have multiple aplication with yi, others frameworks or php applications like apis in a shared hosting.

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Sure, why not?

Excuse my looseness, I’m new in php, my “mother code and structure” is .Net, Where can i find a tutorial or orientation about that?.

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Your question isn’t a framework question, it’s a question you should ask your hosting provider. Generally speaking most hosting providers will allow you to what you are asking. I use AWS mainly and have dozens of different apps running some use Yii2, some are ReactJS, some are just APIs etc. A few of the services are on the same domain using multiple different language frameworks. It’s all up to what your hosting provider lets you do and your skill set.

Look at the Yii2 Advanced template. With the ‘frontend’ and ‘backend’ sections, it in effect IS two apps. You could just expand on the concept.